Who We Are

Like you, we believe that beauty in a woman cannot be standardized. Whatever body shape we are, whatever skin color we are, wherever we come from, and whatever our story is, we are women just like everyone else. We believe that dressing is one of the ways to radiate your beauty. Without having to listen to others, Rimini is here to help you show your beautiful aura with a wide selection of comfortable and beautiful clothes. Which is not only suitable for me, or you. But for every woman.



Be your own kind of beautiful. 


Charming is not always luxurious.

With sweet designs, we strive to make your every fashion dream come true.

We choose the best colors for every skin tone,

the best materials for your extra comfort,

and the best styles to boost your confidence.

Everything is well-considered for you.


Beauty has no standards!

From Petite Size to Extra Size, we are here to clothe your every confidence no matter what size you are!

Every body shape deserves to look beautiful.

We take every centimeter into account to create the best clothes for you and every great woman out there.